Looking for more than just a detail package? We have highly experienced reconditioning technicians who are able to give your vehicle a little extra car, on the inside and outside. 

 Paint Touch Up 

  From bumpers to hoods, we can fix it with our Paint 

  Touch Up Service!

 When it comes to rock chips, scratches and areas
of chipped paint, there are two options - one is
to have
the area repainted - the other is to fill in the areas with
manufacturer's touch-up paint. 

Touch-up paint comes at a fraction of the cost and can ensure that the affected area is hindered from rusting. 

The detailing technician will utilize a fine-tip brush and a steady hand to fill in the impacted areas.

 Scratch Removal 
   Let us remove those bothersome scratches with our
scratch removal service. If you can take your finger nail
and rub it across the scratch without noticing a groove
that catches it, you are likely dealing with a candidate
for this service. 

Pricing varies on the severity of the scratch.

 Decal Removal

  We remove decals, wraps, emblems and everything in 
between. Our attention to detail ensures that your
vehicle's paint
integrity is kept intact and looking at its
best. With prices
starting at $50, it's an investment in
your vehicle's future.

  We follow these steps:

Our detail technicians clean the decal or sticker and the surrounding area. 

We then warm the decal to make it more pliable. 

To remove the decal, we use a plastic tool that scrapes under the sticker that ensures the paint is not damaged. We never use razor blades or box cutters as these can lead to paint damage. 

Our detail technicians use glue removal products to lift the residue adhesive from the paint. They then wash the area again to remove any dirt or grime that may have been under the decal.

  Headlight Restoration

   Dull, yellow, fogy headlights can be a hazard while 

   driving. Headlight restoration can be a less expensive
alternative to replacing your headlamps. 

   We use a three-step process to clean and restore your
headlights for safer driving conditions. Our detail
technicians are well-trained and the process is 
relatively simple. 

*Prices starting at $99.